The health costs of closing nuclear plants in Pennsylvania and Ohio

Sandra Stewart, a member of the Nuclear Matters Nuclear Energy Ambassador Program (NEAP), shares her experiences working in nuclear energy in Washington state.

Turning conversations on the ground into action starts with advocacy. Here are our top five tips to tap into the momentum and lend your voice to the cause.

The announcement of Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station’s premature closure is a tragedy that will have a devastating ripple effect across Pennsylvania and the whole mid-Atlantic region.

Nuclear Matters Advocacy Council Member Carol Browner knows a thing or two about carbon-free energy; she served as Environmental Protection Agency administrator and advisor to President Obama on energy and climate issues. In this video, Browner shares her story: being a lifelong environmentalist, having a career informing climate policy and advocating for carbon-free energy sources.

This Mother’s Day, we are writing directly to mothers across the country who share our concerns related to climate change and carbon emissions. Instead of flowers or candy to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we want help in creating a better future for our kids.

Nuclear Matters applauds Washington State Governor Jay Inslee for signing S. 5116.

Here are a few truths about nuclear energy radiation and your health.

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