"Climate change is a serious problem getting worse, and it’s going to take more than one approach to solve it." - CEO of RedSeal, Partner Emeritus at Venrock and Nuclear Matters Advocacy Council Member Ray Rothrock

The Union of Concerned Scientists released a new report, The Nuclear Power Dilemma, detailing the important role nuclear power plays in meeting our nation’s climate and clean air objectives and the economic challenges that are causing these sources of carbon-free power to close.

Regardless of your political affiliation, a look at the facts shows that nuclear power is critical to a clean energy future. When legislators do their part in preserving nuclear energy, clean, affordable baseload power becomes more accessible to the people who need it. Here are five reasons why you should care if your legislator supports nuclear power:

With kids heading back to school and political conversations buzzing in anticipation of November, ‘tis the season for a lesson in nuclear energy. So, we’ve developed study guides for all your conversations – both elementary and advanced. 

Denise Ingoe is an Exelon Generation Engineer, Women in Nuclear Representative, Nuclear Matters Advocacy Council Member and perhaps most importantly, a role model for women pursuing careers in nuclear energy and other STEM fields. In this video, Denise shares her story – her inspiration to get involved in nuclear energy, why she thinks advocacy is important and some words of wisdom for women in the industry. Check it out and share with a woman in STEM close to you!

As the last fireworks have faded from this year’s Fourth of July celebrations, we are presented with the perfect time to reflect on the holiday’s meaning beyond just one day. As a father and grandfather, it is a reminder of all the benefits our nation’s independence offers future generations—an independence that hinges on energy security. As an environmental engineering professor, I’m also struck by the relationships between our country’s freedom, national security and energy dominance, which, at its core, depends on nuclear energy.

Shanna Bobbins is a system engineer at the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and a proud advocate for nuclear energy.

The Nuclear Matters team was on the ground for this year’s Nuclear Energy Assembly (NEA) in Atlanta, Georgia. The event was packed full of excitement and optimism, featuring prominent speakers and eager networkers, all gathered together with the mission of advancing nuclear energy as a reliable, valuable part of the country’s energy future. If you missed this year’s conference or just want to relive the action, here are five takeaways from NEA 2018:

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