Nuclear Matters applauds the introduction of HB 6, legislation that could protect more than 4,300 Ohio jobs through the creation of the Ohio Clean Air Program.

When it comes to economic opportunity generated by the inevitable transition to a clean energy economy and addressing the climate crisis by developing clean energy solutions, Illinois is leading the way.  

This month, the only nuclear power reactors currently under construction in America – Plant Vogtle 3 & 4 in Georgia – will achieve the important milestone of the placement of the containment vessel top head. If the reactor is the heart of the plant, the containment building is the ribcage, keeping everything inside safe and protected.

Nuclear Matters applauds the sponsors of HB11 for introducing crucial, bipartisan legislation that would include nuclear power in the state’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards.

Nuclear Matters and its hundreds of thousands of supporters recognize the efforts of the “Green New Deal” to curb the devastating impacts of climate change.

2019 has just begun, but already is ripe with opportunities to advance the nuclear energy industry in America. With a new Congress, one of the youngest and most diverse ever seen, there’s much work to be done educating our leaders on the importance of nuclear energy for America.

"Climate change is a serious problem getting worse, and it’s going to take more than one approach to solve it." - CEO of RedSeal, Partner Emeritus at Venrock and Nuclear Matters Advocacy Council Member Ray Rothrock

The Union of Concerned Scientists released a new report, The Nuclear Power Dilemma, detailing the important role nuclear power plays in meeting our nation’s climate and clean air objectives and the economic challenges that are causing these sources of carbon-free power to close.

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