Introducing the Next Chapter of Nuclear Matters

For several years, multiple coalitions have advocated in support of the nuclear energy industry. The individuals who have joined Nuclear Matters, CASEnergy Coalition and the Nuclear Advocacy Network represent a diverse group of supporters from labor and business groups to environmental groups to local community members and nuclear industry employees. These supporters have provided important voices in the dialogue about the critical benefits of nuclear energy building a carbon-free energy future.

As we move toward 2017, with a new administration and nuclear legislative issues to be considered in state capitals throughout the country, Nuclear Matters, CASEnergy Coalition and the Nuclear Advocacy Network have united to create a single, broad-based, coalition that will leverage a diverse community of advocates and promote policies favorable to nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy is essential to effectively meeting climate goals, ensuring a reliable supply of electricity, keeping energy prices stable, and maintaining our status as a global leader in nuclear technology and regulation.

Nuclear Matters will continue to inform the public and policymakers about the clear benefits of nuclear energy. We will continue to work with supporters of nuclear energy to preserve and promote current and future nuclear energy as the most useful form of carbon-free energy in the world, and we will focus on advocacy efforts in support of policy solutions that properly value nuclear energy as a reliable, affordable, safe and carbon-free electricity resource that is essential to America’s energy future.