Statement on Union of Concerned Scientists report, “The Nuclear Power Dilemma”

The Union of Concerned Scientists today released a new report, The Nuclear Power Dilemma, detailing the important role nuclear power plays in meeting our nation’s climate and clean air objectives and the economic challenges that are causing these sources of carbon-free power to close. The report highlights the significant contributions of nuclear providing nearly 20 percent of our nation’s power, and 53 percent of its carbon-free electricity. Nuclear Matters welcomes the report as another critical analysis proving the need to properly value nuclear power for the carbon free attributes it provides. Numerous states, including New York, Illinois, New Jersey and Connecticut have enacted policies that help protect nuclear power plants. With the release of this report, the chorus of support to protect nuclear power plants continues to grow. As the leading grassroots organization in advocating for nuclear power, Nuclear Matters will continue to support studies such as this one and work with groups to protect and preserve these critical resources.