The health costs of closing nuclear plants in Pennsylvania and Ohio

The value of cost-effective nuclear resources in the PJM power supply portfolio

A new report from The Brattle Group outlines the environmental and economic impacts of nuclear power facility closures in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Click here to read the report.

This report from IHS Markit assesses the impact of the premature retirement of the Salem and Hope Creek nuclear power plants on New Jersey consumers and the state economy.

Ohio Economic Report

Apr 09, 2017 9:48 AM

A new report from The Brattle Group details the significant economic and environmental benefits of nuclear power plants in Ohio. 

The Horinko Group takes a comprehensive look at the value of the nuclear energy industry from an environmental standpoint to determine contributions of U.S. nuclear plants. 

The world must use all low-carbon energy sources, including nuclear energy, if it is to limit climate change while still meeting development goals.

The Brattle Group has determined that nuclear plants operating in New York contribute approximately $2.47 billion to state gross domestic product (GDP) ($3.77 billion in gross output), account for 18,000 in-state full time jobs (direct and secondary), help keep electricity prices low, are responsible for $113 million in net state tax revenues and avoid 26 million tons of CO2 emissions annually.

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