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The announcement of Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station’s premature closure is a tragedy that will have a devastating ripple effect across Pennsylvania and the whole mid-Atlantic region. Nuclear Matters is deeply disappointed that common sense did not prevail and the baseload, carbon-free energy produced by Three Mile Island will disappear forever, along with the security and livelihood of many Pennsylvanians.

There is no more time to waste. This solemn occasion should serve as a wakeup call to politicians and critics who believe the threat of plant closure is an empty one. Our lawmakers must stop playing politics with our nuclear power plants – critical national infrastructure that anchors and empowers local communities. Furthermore, as evidenced by the evolving perspective of the scientific community, nuclear power is fundamental to combatting climate change. Gov. Wolf will not be capable of meeting his committed climate goals without the use of this carbon-free energy in his own backyard.

Pennsylvania has five nuclear generating facilities, including Three Mile Island, that collectively provide 92 percent of the state’s clean energy and support nearly 16,000 jobs. These facilities pay $69 million in annual taxes that make a remarkable impact on the well-being of Pennsylvania’s communities. We strongly urge the elected officials in Harrisburg and across the country to take a hard look at the consequences of their decisions and move to support legislation that preserves one of our greatest national assets: clean, baseload carbon-free nuclear power.