Nuclear Matters Statement on North Carolina Clean Energy Plan

Nuclear Matters applauds the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and Governor Roy Cooper on their inclusion of carbon-free nuclear energy in the state’s Clean Energy Plan, which outlines a roadmap to a clean energy system by 2030.

This is an important step at the state level – but also for our country. Nuclear power produces 77% of the carbon-free energy and 31% of the total electricity in North Carolina, and it contributes more than $14 million annually in tax revenue, along with thousands of high-paying jobs. By including the power source in its clean energy plan, North Carolina is not only creating a safer environment, but it’s also securing thousands of jobs and millions in state funding. North Carolina is setting a prime example for all states that want to take serious action to reduce emissions and create a better planet for future generations.

North Carolina has set ambitious goals to increase the deployment of new energy resources and innovative technology solutions to meet its electricity demand and reduce energy sector emissions, and we are pleased that the NC DEQ and Governor Cooper understand the value that nuclear energy brings to the people of North Carolina. This, paired with continued operation of existing nuclear plans through critical second license renewals, will enable a clean energy future for our state. We look forward to continuing to support the state’s efforts to benefit its environment and contribute to a nationwide and global movement to protect our planet from harmful carbon emissions.