Nuclear Matters Statement on FERC Decision

Nuclear Matters is disappointed in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) decision on December 19 to make it more difficult and expensive for states in the PJM Interconnection market to pursue policies that support zero-carbon energy sources like nuclear, wind, solar and other renewables. FERC is forcing clean energy off the grid by making it more expensive while allowing cheap, carbon-emitting sources to become attractive alternatives.

FERC’s draconian rule is also an assault on state rights. The decision wrests authority from state legislatures to decide the composition of their state’s energy portfolio with their constituents’ and the region’s best interests in mind.

To make matters worse, the decision undermines many states’ largest source of carbon-free energy – nuclear power. When a nuclear plant closes, carbon-free energy generation is replaced by carbon-emitting fossil fuels. FERC’s regrettable decision to favor carbon-emitting sources over clean energy like nuclear power negatively impacts public health, costs consumers money, and is a dangerous step backwards in the effort to meet carbon reduction goals.

We encourage state legislatures in the PJM region to act now. We hope state legislators will reject this interference from FERC and fight for the right to a clean energy future.