Nuclear Matters Statement on NY PSC Hearing on Clean Energy Standard

Washington, D.C. – December 15, 2016 – Nuclear Matters today issued the following statement on the New York Public Service Commission’s decision to affirm the Clean Energy Standard (CES) and close out the regulatory process.

“In moving forward with the CES and dispelling the objections that have been raised against it, the New York PSC continues to make headway on a critical, bold policy that will prevent the closure of at-risk nuclear plants and preserve their many benefits for all New Yorkers.  This groundbreaking policy, spearheaded by the leadership of Governor Cuomo and the PSC, has made New York a trailblazer when it comes to recognizing and preserving the important environmental advantages that its nuclear plants provide.  The CES and the recent approval of the FitzPatrick nuclear plant transfer from Entergy to Exelon will allow the continued operation of a reliable producer of carbon-free energy that is also a key driver of jobs and economic growth in the state.

The CES, which was a product of many months of consideration and discussion, will allow New York to continue to reap the benefits provided by the state’s upstate nuclear plants, including 25,000 jobs, $3.16 billion in state gross domestic product, and the avoidance of 16 million tons of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the inclusion of nuclear energy in the CES and the preservation of FitzPatrick will save the state’s consumers $1.7 billion in electricity costs, according to a recent Brattle Group report.

Additional states should consider implementing solutions similar to those adopted in New York, and recently in Illinois, in order to allow at-risk nuclear plants to continue to provide carbon-free, reliable, and economically beneficial electricity for all Americans.”