DFC Lifts Legacy Prohibition on Funding Nuclear Energy Projects

Washington, D.C. – Nuclear Matters applauds the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation’s (DFC) decision to lift its legacy prohibition on supporting nuclear energy projects abroad. The DFC’s decision will bolster U.S. national security, boost our economy, and help advance global clean energy goals. This landmark policy change will enable U.S. nuclear companies and exports to compete on a more level playing field against state-owned rivals from countries such as Russia and China.

This decision also positions the United States to help countries around the world reach their development, climate and decarbonization goals. U.S. nuclear energy companies are poised to offer a growing portfolio of innovative technologies to meet the increasing global demand for reliable, carbon-free energy over the next decade. Ensuring nuclear energy plays a pivotal role in global solutions to climate change will help prevent increases in air pollution, improving public health outcomes.

On behalf of our nearly 600,000 grassroots advocates – hundreds of which submitted comments to the DFC in support of the policy change – we are thankful for the leaders and administrators who were involved in this decision-making process. We look forward to continuing to advocate for nuclear power’s promise in the U.S. and abroad.