Innovation Leader Judi Greenwald Joins Nuclear Matters Advocacy Council














Nuclear Matters is excited to introduce Judi Greenwald as the newest member of the Nuclear Matters Advocacy Council.

As executive director of the Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA), Greenwald aims to enable advanced nuclear technologies as a tool to mitigate climate change. Prior to her current role, Greenwald contributed her energy and environmental policy leadership to the public and nonprofit sectors, including the U.S. Congress, the White House, the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). She served as Deputy Director for Climate, Environment, and Energy Efficiency of the DOE's Energy Policy and Systems Analysis Office, and the Senior Climate Advisor to the Secretary of Energy.

Greenwald joins the Nuclear Matters coalition to highlight the interplay of public policy and technology innovation to achieve decarbonization and to communicate the importance of nuclear power as a clean, reliable and safe energy source.

“As bipartisan support for both the existing fleet and the next generation of nuclear energy continues to gain momentum in states across the country, it’s critical that we provide policymakers with the research and resources they need to accelerate America’s clean energy transition,” said Christine Csizmadia, senior director of state government affairs and advocacy at the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI). “Nuclear Matters is thrilled to welcome Judi Greenwald to our Advocacy Council, and we look forward to sharing her valuable perspective on nuclear innovation to continue to advocate for our nation’s largest source of carbon-free energy.”

“The path to decarbonization requires innovative solutions like advanced nuclear energy,” said Greenwald. “I’m excited about our partnership with Nuclear Matters. By engaging policymakers and the public in conversations about accelerated innovation and commercialization, we help create a net-zero energy future in the United States.”

Judi Greenwald joins former U.S. Congressman Tom Graves, former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Carol Browner and more than a dozen fellow industry leaders on the Nuclear Matters Advocacy Council. Supported by a growing coalition of hundreds of thousands of grassroots advocates across the country, the Advocacy Council engages and mobilizes a diverse community of voices to help build America’s carbon-free energy future. A full list of members can be found here.

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