Statement on NJ State Legislature’s Failure to Act on S3560 and A5330

Nuclear Matters is deeply disappointed that the New Jersey State Legislature failed to vote on S3560 and A5330. Nuclear energy is critical to New Jersey, especially during cold winter weather like the state is currently experiencing. The state’s three facilities provide more than 38 percent of New Jersey’s energy and more than 97 percent of its carbon-free energy. More importantly, nuclear is always running, providing low-cost, reliable energy even during extreme weather.


By failing to act, the New Jersey State Legislature has put more than 6,100 jobs and $820 million in annual state economic activity in jeopardy. Whereas other state legislatures, like New York and Illinois, have taken decisive action to secure cleaner, more reliable and more affordable energy for customers by enacting policies that properly value nuclear energy, the New Jersey legislature has failed. In doing so, it has done a great disservice to its citizens, who will ultimately pay the price for this inaction. We strongly urge the legislature to reconsider this issue next session.