5 Reasons Your Vote Can Help Promote America’s Clean Energy Future

Super Tuesday is here! Approximately one-third of Americans will cast a vote to determine the country’s future. The candidates – and their energy policies – are on the ballot, which means we can’t miss out on this opportunity to stand up for nuclear carbon-free energy. We know the facts: climate change isn’t going anywhere, and nuclear carbon-free energy must be a part of any serious clean energy solutions.

Here are five reasons why it’s important to vote with Nuclear Matters today:

1. Communities across America will benefit. Nuclear plants generate $12 billion of revenue in local, state and federal taxes – and are responsible for 475,000 American jobs. That’s money for schools, roads and services in localities large and small across the country. It’s how we can build and maintain a responsible green energy economy.

2. It’s about accountability. We’ve heard a lot about the candidates’ energy policies, but they don’t all add up. You can hold politicians accountable by voting for a candidate who understands no credible energy solution is complete without nuclear power, which provides over 55% of the nation’s carbon-free energy.

3. The future of the planet is at risk. Nuclear carbon-free energy produces zero emissions, but plants across the country are threatened by premature closure. Nearly every time a nuclear plant closes, it is replaced by energy sources that release carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to 111 million vehicles per year.

4. It’s a chance for nuclear solidarity. Your voice matters, and there are so many ways to use it. Before the polls close, you can tell one person – or share one social media post – about the significance of nuclear power. Let your friends know no climate solution can occur without America’s largest source of clean energy. Your passion can convince others to support this crucial energy source too!

5. America can lead the global fight against climate change. America has long been a pillar of nuclear innovation and leadership around the world – and we can’t stop now. The world must make swift progress towards carbon-free energy to combat climate change. We can lead that fight by deploying advanced nuclear technologies and advocating for clean energy solutions around the globe.

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