Innovation is driving the nuclear industry forward and bringing new flexibility to this already-versatile energy source.

Advanced nuclear technologies, including small modular reactors (SMRs) and micro-reactors, present a promising path toward a clean energy future. The industry is developing designs to be cost-competitive and offer benefits around flexibility, innovative safety and fuel efficiency. These advanced nuclear reactors will complement wind and solar to form a reliable and affordable clean electricity system and can produce clean energy to decarbonize the production of industrial heat and hydrogen. Advanced reactors can also power desalination facilities by turning seawater into potable water, helping to mitigate water scarcity, whether the concern is global development or a changing climate. These cost-competitive designs come in a range of sizes to serve a diverse set of market and customer needs and will create new, high-paying jobs in both the short and long term.

Advanced nuclear reactors are next-generation designs that are expected to deploy within the next decade and will supplement currently available technology. New nuclear technology designs include reactors capable of recovering and reusing elements of used fuel to produce even more energy. Advanced reactors have the potential to simplify installment, provide new opportunities for consuming used fuel and further strengthen safety.

Small modular reactors, one of the most popular advanced technologies in development, are simple, scalable and reliable providers of nuclear energy that can be deployed in a variety of locations, including remote areas. For more information on SMRs, check out these resources from the Nuclear Energy Institute.

Advanced nuclear technology will not only help to address the future retirement of some current reactors, but will allow suppliers to more quickly adjust their electricity output to match demand and help the U.S. meet rising demand for electricity in the future.

With the help of advocates like you, we can ensure the future of nuclear energy is even more affordable, efficient and innovative. Click here to contact your legislators to remind them of the promise of the next generation of nuclear energy.

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