As a Matter of Fact: Brett Rampal

Veriten Director of Nuclear and Power Strategy and Segra Capital Management Chief Technical Analyst Brett Rampal recently joined Nuclear Matters for an episode of As a Matter of Fact, where he discussed workforce development within the industry, the future of nuclear-powered innovation and the challenges and opportunities facing today’s advanced nuclear power projects. Brett also points to the role that nuclear energy advocates like you can play in this ever-evolving industry. Here’s a hint – it's all about keeping your advocacy flexible!

With more than 15 years of experience and expertise in the nuclear industry, Brett is here to share his knowledge and provide insight into what we can expect for the nuclear energy industry in 2023. He has gained this expertise from a variety of roles spanning myriad areas of the industry, including most recently, serving as the Director of Nuclear Innovation at the Clean Air Task Force (CATF), where he helped shape nuclear policy and research. Before that, Brett was a fuel engineer at NuScale Power, where he developed plans for a first-of-its kind nuclear reactor. Finally, in his current roles at Veriten and Segra Capital Management, Brett continues to advance important conversations regarding nuclear energy policy, innovation, funding and more.

 In this interview, Brett answers key questions surrounding workforce development and the diversity of nuclear energy careers – and he reminds us that you do not have to be a nuclear engineer to work in the nuclear industry. There are opportunities to grow in areas like policy, technology, research, communications, you name it! There is something for everyone and ample opportunities to make your mark in the industry as it continues to evolve.

Brett also reminds us that advocates make the world go round. Not literally, but they do pack a punch in fueling progress in the nuclear industry. In a regulatory and policy landscape that is rapidly changing, Brett weighs in on the role of advocacy in ensuring a brighter energy future, powered by nuclear energy.

Tune into this conversation for more insights from Brett that you won’t want to miss!

As a Matter of Fact is an interview series powered by Nuclear Matters which gives experts and thought leaders a forum to discuss nuclear energy’s role in protecting the environment, promoting economic stability and enhancing national security.