As a Matter of Fact: Interview with Katie Mummah

Katie Mummah, PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, recently spoke with Nuclear Matters on her advocacy journey, including what sparked her passion for nuclear energy and her road to becoming one of nuclear energy’s most-engaging conversation leaders online.

Katie Mummah is a doctoral student in Nuclear Engineering & Engineering Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her research focuses on modeling the nuclear fuel cycle for nuclear nonproliferation. Katie has spent two summers interning at Los Alamos National Laboratory as well as one summer at the Idaho National Laboratory. She's an active member of the American Nuclear Society (ANS), having served as the Student Director on the ANS Board of Directors.

In her spare time, Katie breaks down challenging concepts of nuclear science to make nuclear energy more interesting, accessible and digestible for her social media audience of more than 17,000 followers. She is an experienced science communicator, and as she says in her interview, now specializes in educating other nuclear energy advocates about how to effectively communicate the benefits of nuclear power.

Katie Mummah is exciting, inspiring and welcoming to anyone and everyone on their advocacy journey, so if you need a bit of advocacy inspiration, click below to dive in.

“As a Matter of Fact” is an interview series powered by Nuclear Matters which gives experts and thought leaders a forum to discuss nuclear energy’s role in protecting the environment, promoting economic stability and enhancing national security.