As a Matter of Fact: Mothers for Nuclear

Mothers for Nuclear Co-Founders Heather Hoff and Kristin Zaitz recently sat down with Nuclear Matters to discuss their professional experiences in the industry, journeys advocating for nuclear energy and creating an online community to amplify its benefits.

With their long list of accolades and expertise, Heather Hoff, a materials scientist and nuclear reactor operator, and Kristin Zaitz, a civil engineer, project manager and nuclear professional, form a dynamic duo focused on elevating and advocating for the benefits of nuclear energy and the cleaner, safer and more reliable future that it offers their children and communities nationwide. As employees at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in California, Heather and Kristin saw firsthand the role that grassroots advocacy can play in effecting real change in the industry. From their support of Governor Newsom’s decision to extend the operating lifecycle of Diablo Canyon and their work to create a groundswell of support for this milestone, Heather and Kristin are now helping amplify and celebrate 20 more years of nuclear carbon-free energy generation in California.

In 2016, Heather and Kristin formed Mothers for Nuclear to encourage pro-nuclear mothers to speak out and begin an international dialogue about nuclear power and environmental protection – and watching the group’s evolution since its founding has been incredibly inspiring. We encourage you to check out our interview with these two supermoms making a difference in the nuclear energy industry and helping advance our net-zero future. What are you waiting for? Click the link below to tune in!

“As a Matter of Fact” is an interview series powered by Nuclear Matters which gives experts and thought leaders a forum to discuss nuclear energy’s role in protecting the environment, promoting economic stability and enhancing national security.