A New Momentum: 5 Ways to Fuel Nuclear Advocacy

The Nuclear Energy Assembly (NEA) is an annual meeting of the minds in the nuclear industry. From senior leadership to supply chain representatives to young innovators, the people that know nuclear best come together to create synergies, increase collaboration and—most importantly—spark momentum and provide inspiration for the rest of the year.

Turning conversations on the ground into action starts with advocacy. Here are our top five tips to tap into the momentum and lend your voice to the cause.

1. Ace Advocacy 101. Passionate about nuclear energy, but not sure where to start? It’s time to “Get Schooled in Nuclear Energy”. We’ll give you with the tools you need to succeed as a Nuclear Maters advocate: to be educated on the facts, engaged with the issue and ready to take action when the need arises.

2. Stay in-the-know. We know you’re passionate about various newsworthy issues related to nuclear energy – from our nation’s global leadership to used fuel to myths around radiation. It is our priority – along with our team of experts on our Advocacy Council – to give you a one-stop shop for new, updated information on these issues.

3. Know the legislative landscape. Clean energy is an important issue across the board – regardless of political affiliation. By thinking about the issue from the perspective of a legislator, your action could have an even greater impact. We’ve thought through some of the key reasons why in our blog post, “5 Reasons You Should Care If Your Legislator Supports Nuclear Power.”

4. Take on a leadership role. If you’re an employee of the nuclear energy industry, it’s time to join the Nuclear Matters Nuclear Energy Ambassador Program. These standout individuals serve as the faces and voices of the nuclear energy industry, helping to engage, inform and mobilize a diverse community of nuclear energy advocates.

5. Act soon, and act often. By becoming a part of our community – via email, Facebook, Twitter or a combination of these – you’ll have a front-row seat to federal and state legislation. Don’t wait for a moment of downtime or a legislative battle to act on behalf of nuclear energy. Visit our Action Center to find evergreen messages for legislators. The time to act is always now!