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Introducing the Next Chapter of Nuclear Matters

As we move toward 2017, with a new administration and nuclear legislative issues to be considered in state capitals throughout the country, Nuclear Matters, CASEnergy Coalition and the Nuclear Advocacy Network have united to create a single, broad-based, coalition that will leverage a diverse community of advocates and promote policies favorable to nuclear energy. Click here for more information.

Report by The Horinko Group Quantifies Carbon Value of U.S. Nuclear Plants

Nuclear energy plants in the United States collectively prevent more than 531 million tons of CO2 emissions per year – worth $85 billion by 2020, based on the federal government’s guidelines for the social cost of carbon – according to a new study that takes the most comprehensive look to date at the carbon value of nuclear. Click here for more information.

Nuclear Matters’ Sen. Judd Gregg Discusses Environmental Value of U.S. Nuclear Plants Before Senate Committee

Former Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) told a Senate committee today that shutting down safe, reliable nuclear plants because markets haven’t found a way to compensate their value means that hundreds of people lose good-paying jobs, while local businesses lose customers. Click here for more information.

New York and Ohio, climate change and nuclear power

                                  Akron Beacon Journal
Critics argue there is little value in protecting a “dying” part of the power portfolio. They are misguided. Put aside the financial difficulties facing FirstEnergy. Keeping Davis-Besse in operation makes sense here just as it does in New York. Nuclear power is a proven source of clean energy. If anything, its presence should be expanded, improved versions of the technology in the works. Deny financial help as climate change deepens its grip? That is a strange argument for environmentalists to make. Click here for more information.

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Nuclear Energy in the U.S.

The role of nuclear energy plants in producing electricity, supporting jobs and lowering emissions in the United States.

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