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Our Mission

Our nation’s nuclear energy plants are vital national assets that provide reliable, carbon-free electricity to tens of millions of households and businesses around the country. Despite their value, a combination of economic factors – including low natural gas prices, energy policies and market rules that fail to recognize this value – places these plants in economic jeopardy.

The mission of Nuclear Matters is to inform the public about the clear benefits that nuclear energy provides to our nation, raise awareness of the economic challenges to nuclear energy that threaten those benefits, and to work with stakeholders to explore possible policy solutions that properly value nuclear energy as a reliable, affordable and carbon-free electricity resource that is essential to America’s energy future.

In furtherance of this mission, Nuclear Matters will reach out to stakeholders around the country to hear directly from them about the importance of nuclear energy to their states and communities and find the solutions that will help to preserve this essential energy resource.



Leadership Chair

Judd Gregg

Judd Gregg
Former United States Senator and former Governor of New Hampshire



Leadership Council


Nuclear Matters works closely with partner organizations who recognize the value of America’s nuclear energy plants. This growing roster of allies is integral to our efforts to educate the public on the clear benefits of nuclear energy and to explore possible policy solutions to preserve this essential energy resource.

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Nuclear Matters is supported by a cross-section of individuals, organizations, and businesses united in their view that nuclear power plays a critical role in our energy portfolio, and that existing nuclear power plants should be preserved.

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Nuclear Energy in the U.S.

The role of nuclear energy plants in producing electricity, supporting jobs and lowering emissions in the United States.

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